Path to where you belong

Sometimes destiny forces you to walk in a direction that may not match your immediate will. Being hopeful of your vision and having some faith, you still chose the path. As you walk in that less travelled path, different seasons bring with them different colours. Some colours may strike the right chord and the journey […]

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A sea of experiences

As tides got violent and winds got aggressive, in the midst of ocean, I was afraid that the speedboat will get snapped any second. The orange color life jacket was not helping me calm down, and neither was sea sickness. Our tour guide gave me a bottle to sniff from. Apparently, it should have reduced my motion sickness, […]

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That time of the month 

It is such a stigma that I don’t have to describe the title and you would know what it is referring to. What stumbles me down over and over again is how sometimes a girl, who seems a bit cranky/ moody , is asked “are you reaching that time of the month”/ “are you down […]

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Singapore – like a video game

Singapore started pampering and spoiling me slowly from the moment I stepped here. I must confess that this blog has been postponed ‘n’ number of times in the last 6-7 months. All the courtesy goes to MBA! Anyway, the good part is I am unofficially an MBA already, turning official in a week’s time! Here […]

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A pilgrim’s nightmare

Recently I experienced something very unusual than what I have been experiencing in past with regards to the whole idea of praying. A lot of people might have a completely different view. Feel free to disagree! As I entered the St Teresa Church, Singapore, I saw hundreds of people sitting and waiting for parish priest to […]

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